Were can I find this photo of a nude woman in front of a space shuttle launch?
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Recently saw a Spencer Tunick photo of a nude woman on a dock with the space shuttle launching in the beackground. Any idea where I can buy it?
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This would be my guess. Of course this is buying an actual print from the edition. Many artists don't make reproductions of their work so you will need to buy an expensive print but it is a great investment if you are into art. Otherwise for a cheaper alternative, wait for his monograph and then cut out and frame your favorite pic.
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I participated in a Tunick installation and all 4k or so of us got a free 8x10 of the chosen shot, so I'd imagine getting a print from him wouldn't be exhorbitant.
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You must have been watching HBO last night. Here's some of story that goes along with the shot. It's also included in footage of the 2000 Tunick documentary Naked States. If you figure out how to get a print, please post the info back here.
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I too was in a Spencer Tunick installation, at the 2001 Melbourne Fringe. Cold... so very, very cold to be nude at 5.00am on a wet Melbourne winter morning.

Anyway. We all got free A4 size prints. But, when he exhibited at the 2002 Melbourne Art Fair, the prints were a) huge, poster / gallery size b) incredibly beautiful, and c) several thousand dollars each. So, not cheap.

To get hold of the particular image you mention, you could contact the I-20 Gallery in NY tel: (212) 645-1100. I-20 is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 AM–6 PM. If they don't have that specific image, they could p’raps put you in contact with either the artist, or, more likely, his agent.

Or email the artist direct and ask where/if you can purchase that particular image.

And keep an eye out on eBay. You never know what might show up.

If you'd settle for a different (free!) print... you could sign up to be part of an installation when/if he comes to your area.
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