Facebook Ads, enemy mine.
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This one goes out to my fellow social media something somethings: Facebook Promoted Posts: When I choose the targeting, almost half of the brands/websites I want to choose aren't available. I start typing the name of the page, and it just never comes up as an option. Some of common names (Twice/www.liketwice.com) some have weirder names (The RealReal), but it's the same issue. Is there a way around this? A trick I don't know? Or is this just another way Facebook exists to make me tear my hair out?
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Nope, no trick. You've just got to target that same audience differently, or go with another option. If it doesn't come up, then it's probably not there. Maybe they don't have a page, or they are not much discussed on Facebook, or something else.

Targeting young women in California between the ages of 13 and 22 who also have an interest in shopping and clothing in your city or region is likely going to get you good results (if I can make some assumptions here based on the two businesses you mention).
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