Nomenclature needed for a tool
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If you were working with a digital tool that was responsible for placing or verifying digital signatures, what would you expect that tool to be called? Not a product name, but rather name of the class of tool (like a codec for encoding/decoding or a compiler for translating code in one language to another)?
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An authenticator?
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are we talking electronic signatures or digital signatures? - I have seen such a tool referred to as e-sig validater - or signature validater.
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Key manager?
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It is a Signature Verification Tool.
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Digi signer
Verification manager
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Response by poster: I'll probably end up naming it something dull like SignatureManager or SignatureHandler which is at least a straight forward name.

I'd prefer to use something like philographist, scrivener, graphology, or signatorium, but our customers would never understand any of them.

I really like philographist or philography (it is a person who collects autographs), but in its esoteric nature it violates the Shirley Temple principal of API design ("Don't be overly cute.").

Oddly enough, I independently invented the process of 'mocking' round about 1993. Except that I labeled all the mock objects/structures as 'ersatz'. Pity the term never left the building.
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