Democracy kneels for US
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Searching for an ant-war cartoon from WW1 or WW2. Features "Democracy" kneeling in front of Uncle Sam, pleading that he stay out of the war for her sake.
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I don't know it, but can offer a little bit that may help arrive at the decision. i would bet large amounts of $ what you are looking for is from WWI. It may have taken Pearl Harbor to get America officially involved in WWII but I don't think there was as much apprehension about entering into it as there was around WWI. We where pretty isolationistic about that time, especially in matters concerning europe.
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I vote for pre-WWII. There was a large isolationist movement in the USA before Pearl Harbor. Charles Lindbergh and the America First Committee would be good topics to Google on.
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Was Democracy dressed a bit like the statue of liberty? I think it was in a GCSE textbook I had on 20th century history. I can't remember what the book was called, but it basically had WWI, WWII, the Cold War, Vietnam, and possibly some other stuff. Not much help I guess...
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If it is in fact pre-WWII, you could poke about here.
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I know someone who has volumes of early political cartoons. I sent your request to him. Stay tuned...
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