Holst, 'The Planets'
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My daughter is Jones-ing to see a performance of Holst's 'The Planets.' Does anyone know the next chance I could make this happen in the general NYC area?
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The New Jersey Festival Orchestra is playing "The Planets" on Saturday September 20 at 7pm at the Ridge Performing Arts Center in Basking Ridge, NJ and on Sunday September 21 at 4pm
at The Presbyterian Church in Westfield, NJ.

Not sure if it's important to you, but the Westfield location seems reasonably accessible via NJ Transit from Penn Station.
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I often use Google Alerts for this. For example you could set an alert for "Holst Planets New York Jersey".
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I used to go bananas with very similar questions.
With bachtrack I've only gone bananas twenty-seven times in the past year!

However, it looks like it doesn't have Jahaza's find, which looks like a winner. Perhaps bookmark this page. Or the page for NYC, and occasionally filter for Holst.

I don't have any ties to the site apart from being a user.
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