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I'd like to find a small cabin rental in Northern California that is, ideally, somewhat isolated, affordable, and has electricity. Bonus points for near Oakland or Monterey. Any suggestions?

I'm trying to arrange a camping-like experience for a small family. However, we have some mobility limitations and need electricity at night for medical equipment. I was imagining a walk-in cabin that is not directly on the highway, for a more "camping" and outdoorsy feel without a lot of challenging hiking.

We live in Oakland but also are interested in visiting Monterey so finding something close-ish to one or the other would be great, but I'm also flexible and willing to drive a bit.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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Have you tried searching for a cabin at VRBO?
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Costanoa down by Pescadero might fit the bill; they have cabins and also tent cabins (which are *awesome*), and it's just a really beautiful spot.
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I was going to suggest the cabins at Steep Ravine (which are part of Mt. Tam State Park, and are apparently $100 a night): they're perched on the edge of the ocean just below Stinson Beach and Bolinas, and are utterly striking, but they're booked solid until the end of the season, even mid-week. Ah well. I'm mentioning them only so they'll be on your radar if you look for camping-like experiences in the future.
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Treebones near BigSur
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