Can this umbrella be saved?
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I have a compact Burberry umbrella that broke after I used it on a rainy, windy day, and I'd like to try repairing it.

There's only one umbrella repair shop in Canada and it's in Vancouver, so having the umbrella fixed by a repair person isn't an option. I also can't take it back as I bought it new on eBay (for a small fraction of Burberry would charge for a new umbrella, but for what was still a considerable sum for me).

This is a picture of the broken part (this is the only thing wrong with the umbrella, which is otherwise in "like new" condition). This is a picture of one of the other identical whole parts from one of the other spokes.

My questions:

1. Is it possible to replace the part by ordering a replacement online? (I've also thought of salvaging a similar part from another, cheaper umbrella.)

2. Assuming I can get a replacement part, I will need a special tool to remove the old part and put in the new. Where can I get such a tool?

3. If I can't get a replacement part, I also had the idea of soldering the original part back together, as I own a soldering iron. Would that work?
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You could try the repair cafe. Hope you'll get some solid repair advice, but if not, consider reusing the fabric. If you have a bike, a seat cover or a cover for your (front) basket would be lovely. Or a tote bag.
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My mother got me a London Tube-map umbrella when she visited the UK. I loved it because I'd never seen one like it here in Australia. Alas, a spoke eventually broke because I used it so much. My handy-but-not-expert stepdad said he'd have a look and see if he could fix it.

About four years later, after he retired and had time on his hands, he found it again and tried to repair the spoke with no success. So he found a similar sized umbrella with a sturdy frame, stripped the fabric from it, and then stitched my Tube cover onto the frame.

Anyone who is handy with a needle - as I think you may be, despite it not requiring knitting needles :) - would be able to do the same, I would think. The handle may or may not be the same style as your original but it depends on what frame you use, I guess.
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I don't know if they accept mail orders, but there is a shop in Paris that does nothing but repair umbrellas.
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