Want Fast Wireless Internet, Comcast Sucks
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A few days ago I got high-speed internet from Comcast. When I placed the order, I was told I needed to upgrade my router and wireless to new models, specifically a TP-Link Wireless N300 and the Motorola SB6121 Surfboard modem. My internet speed is lower than ever.

I called Comcast and did the self-install, they entered the new modem on their end and I'm connected now to speeds as slow as .46 Mbps download, even when the laptop is sitting next to the new wireless router.

The roku doesn't even load.

The new network is WPA2 which I understand can slow speeds but COME ON.

My wiring intelligence is pretty low. How do I get faster speeds? Every time I call Comcast they say it's high speed on their end, and when I connect directly from the modem to the computer, it IS faster, so they can't help.

Please help. I don't want to be on the phone with Comcast again. Is this a crap wireless router? Should I just buy an Airport?

And needless to say, I've powercycled the equipment and there's been no change.
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when I connect directly from the modem to the computer, it IS faster,

How much faster? When you do this, do you get the speeds you're paying for or is it just a modest improvement?
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Is the Roku connecting wirelessly? If not, does it also work when connected directly?
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Best answer: It goes from .46 Mbps download to over 33 Mbps. Same deal with Roku...all signs point to the wireless router.

I just installed a new driver for the router and the download speed went to 25.5. Was that all I needed to do???
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Sounds like you licked it.
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Response by poster: I'm officially proud that I learned something. And equally shamefaced that all it required was installing a new driver.

For future readers, you need to go to the website for your wireless and check for firmware updates, then download and install them.
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Best answer: For future readers:

ALWAYS install firmware updates from a computer that is physically connected to the Wi-Fi Router via an ethernet cable, rather than one that is connected by Wi-Fi.

I learned that one the hard way when I bricked my Wi-Fi router.
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Is this a crap wireless router? Should I just buy an Airport?
I've never seen a $20 router that worked well for a long period of time, and I suspect that the TP-Link router you have isn't likely to be different. I have no direct experience with Airports, but I've seen enough good reviews to think they'd be a good choice. You might also take a look at this Wirecutter review of wifi routers. To adjust expectations, most of the routers they recommend are in the $100-150 range. Personally, though, if your TP-Link is working well enough for you now, I'd just stick with it until it breaks.
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