Good Alt hair stylist in Bloomington, IN?
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I just moved back to my hometown after being away for a couple decades. Are there any good alternative stylists around these days? All I've been able to find so far are trendy salons with stylists who don't really listen to me and leave me with soccer mom hair (which is great if that's what you like but it's not what I'm looking for.) Difficulty: neon hair with very difficult to work with texture and thickness combo. Thanks in advance!
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Lee Parker at Do Hair Salon (812-332-1933) and Jamie Jackson at Mira Salon (812-330-0399) have always listened to what I want. If nothing else they'd be good for a recommendation.
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Ash Vega is exactly who you want. Bonus is that she is an absolutely delightful human being. Lots of people love Leigh Henderson, too, but it really sounds like Ash would be a better fit for you.
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