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I stay at the same large corporate hotel that is part of a large national chain every week. Every other week or so, I find hair(s) in my stack of clean towels (in different rooms, on different floors). These hairs do not match my hair length and color. Is it worth it to complain to housekeeping? I question if my complaint will make a difference since the hotel is so large. What is the best way to raise this so that my issue is heard and acted upon?
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Best answer: Don't complain to housekeeping, complain to the front desk. You will have the best luck if you talk to the front desk either in the morning (around 8AM) or in the early afternoon (before 5PM). That way the General Manager is probably there, who is the real one who can make sure these things are fixed. Just treat the front desk person with respect and kindness and they'll make sure you're taken care of.

Whatever you do, don't confront a housekeeping employee in the hall. There's nothing good that can come of that.

I worked for years in hotels (Cross Country Inn, Baymont Inn, La Quinta, Hilton, Hampton) and the front desk is your liaison for this kind of issue.
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ps- this might be indicative of a bigger problem with the housekeeping staff/a particular housekeeper. The housekeeping manager will know who cleaned your room and can take disciplinary action so this doesn't continue to be a problem.
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Be interesting if a check revealed more hairs in other rooms/floors, you might get a comp'ed room for the service you provide [ by not going on Yelp]
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Could this simply be a dryer/lint-catch issue, or some other smallish technical problem that no one's flagged yet, especially if the majority of guests never stay there again, or only visit very infrequently? I think I'd approach the front desk with a "hey, you might want to check out your equipment" tone, especially if you'll need to continue staying there, to get this solved.
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Definitely talk to the front desk and ask for the manager ("There's this weird thing that happens..." is a good way to start). They can investigate whether it is a laundry room issue or a housekeeper issue.

I used to be a housekeeper and we mostly worked in pairs in a big place, switching who did beds/floors and who did the bathroom/other stuff. We worked in pairs for safety. They did keep track of who did what rooms on what days at the places I worked.

I am kind of amazed to hear this. What a weird thing. I'm inclined to think it's a laundry worker with long hair not tied up or something, but who knows.
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