Getting Podcast on my tablet, and Melissa Harris Perry Show
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So I used to listen to podcasts all the time on my ipod. How can I do this on my google nexus. and, I can get Rachel maddox on podcast on sticher, but what about Melissa Harris Perry? how the heck can i get her show on podcast? thanks
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Pocket Casts is a great app. Yes it costs money, but it's worth it.
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Response by poster: cool, is MHP on it? thanks!
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The podcast client I use is Doggcatcher. It, too, isn't free, but is great. Its UI is slightly harder to learn, but it's also powerful; you can do things with it like time compress playback so you can fit more podcasts into the same time.

Anyway, pretty much any podcast client can subscribe to any podcast, you just have to get its RSS feed into the software.
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It doesn't look like Melissa Harris-Perry's show is available as a podcast. This list from Today doesn't list her, though it does have Rachel Maddow, Hardball, Morning Joe, and others.
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