Can you help me ID and replace this piece of my dresser drawer slide?
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When moving this weekend, I broke my dresser (sad trombone). I tried to take the drawers out to make them easier to move, but they have these little brackets with ball bearings in them that are lubricated and make the drawer slide in the track. I tried poking around online but I can't figure out where to get new ones… or even what I'm looking for is called.

All told, we lost one of the brackets during this process and also all of the ball bearings for the two brackets that go on this one drawer.

The bracket looks like this.
Another view.

This is the track inside the dresser that it used to go in.

Where can I buy a replacement bracket and ball bearings? Unfortunately, I don't know where the dresser was made, it came to us second-hand. Thanks in advance, hive-mind!
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Conveniently, they're called drawer slides. You can get them at any hardware store.
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Best answer: They're called drawer slides. You are probably better off replacing the entire assembly rather than looking for replacement pieces to match what's left.
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Best answer: You can find them at any hardware store, but usually selection is limited.

The great thing about the internet ? Specialty shops. is my goto for this sort of thing.
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"The motion in your drawers"?!
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Best answer: I'm not sure of anyplace that sells parts for drawer slides; they're usually considered a replaceable unit, as the whole slide, rather than something you'd buy new bearings for.
Measure the existing slide: most importantly, how long is it (and how deep is the drawer) and how thick is it (what's the spacing between the inside wall of the dresser and the outside surface of the drawer). Make sure those numbers match; it would be great if it were the same part (which isn't inconceivable) because then the screw holes would line up. In fact, take the pieces of the slide off the dresser, and carry it to the hardware store with you if you're uncertain.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! I love that I can come on here and get so many good ideas. I guess I will have to replace the whole slide (dammit, haha), but at least now I know where I can buy some from the comfort of my own home.
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