Help me find a strange outsider rock band
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I've searched and searched to no avail, and I'm starting to think this whole thing was a fever dream. I could swear that I read an article a few years ago about a Japanese rock band which was formed by a few schoolgirls who had never actually heard rock music. Everything they knew came from reading about it in magazines. I believe this took place during the 1960's. Of course, I may have some or all of the details wrong. Can you restore my sanity?
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The Pinky Chicks? Can't link on my phone, but give them a listen.
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Might you be thinking of The Shaggs?
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Yeah, it's totally The Shaggs.
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Thirding The Shaggs.
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I don't think it's the Shaggs because they actually were familiar with pop music. Dot Wiggin just has her own beat, which made Philosophy of the World weird and iconic. I think a lot of people like the story and myth of the Shaggs more than they listen to the Shaggs (which makes sense, though I really think that album is a gem.) Also they're not Japanese.

This story sounds familiar and the name of the band is bubbling up from the depths of my brain. Hopefully it will sally forth soon.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers so far everybody! The Shaggs are certainly in the same vein, but it's not them that I'm thinking of.
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Longshot here...Half Japanese?
Schoolgirls, no. Outsider, oh my yes.
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Response by poster: Half Japanese certainly brought a smile to my face! Alas, that's not them either. Part of this dilemma is a google problem: when I try searching for rock bands who had never heard rock music before, I get a bunch of results for "the best rock bands you've never heard before".
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The closest I can think of is an Indonesian band called Dara Puspita -- they certainly heard other bands, but rock music was illegal in Indonesia at the the time they started, so they would've had to listen to it in secret.
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Sounds a little bit like Pink Lady. They might have known about rock music, but they apparently didn't know any English -- though they sang in English (they had to do it phonetically).
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Not exactly what you're looking for, but Babymetal is a metal band made up of Japanese school girls with no previous knowledge of metal music.
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Shonen Knife?
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Someone in here, perhaps? At the very least, you'll probably find this interesting...
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I don't have any suggestions, but you should check out the movie "We Are the Best!"
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Maybe you're thinking of the band Paranmaum from the movie Linda Linda Linda? (And if not, you should watch it anyway... it's a really great film. I haven't seen We Are the Best! yet but it sounds like a Swedish version of the same story).
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