Cognitive behavioral therapy videos for laypeople
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I'm looking for good, professional videos that describe the techniques of CBT for laypeople. Basically, a visual version of a CBT self-help book. I've searched YouTube and the videos are either light on technique and/or have a creepy narrator. I think my friend could benefit from it, but he needs an introduction to it first. Second choice would be a workshop where the techniques are covered. Any suggestions?
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Don't know about quite that but www.centreforclinicalinterventions (an Aussie site) is accessible and sound - go to the workbooks section, all free.
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Moodgym is an interactive website for CBT.
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Learning Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a good CBT textbook that comes with a DVD that has videos that show examples of CBT in action.
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These Smart Recovery slides are kind of specific to addiction and recovery, but they're good resources on the basics of CBT.
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Not exactly what you're looking for, but this old video of Albert Ellis conducting a session is interesting. You can find other stuff by just searching youtube for CBT.
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