Looking for an MD, DO, or NP near Philly
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I'm going into my last year of nurse practitioner school and am starting clinicals at the end of August. Back in June I found two clinical sites, both family practice. A couple days ago I was told that one of the sites wouldn't be able to host me after all.

The school has two positions that may or may not be available/possible, so I want to try to find additional sites if theirs don't work out.

I'm looking for an MD, DO, or NP who would be willing to precept me for an eight-hour day, one day a week, for 14 weeks. Ideally it would start the last week of August, though starting sometime in September would work as well. While the program is focused on general family practice, pediatrics or GYN would work well too.

I can go anywhere in southeastern PA. New Jersey is out as I don't have an NJ nursing license. My Delaware license is pending and should be in soon.

So, does the hive mind know of any MDs, DOs, or NPs who would take on a student with short notice?
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