Gift donation to a gun charity?
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Hi! I'd like to give someone the gift of a charity donation to a gun (well, anti-gun) charity. Can anyone recommend one -- esp. if they have the option of "gifting" a donation rather than just making one? And how do you actually give a charity donation to someone if that "gift" option isn't available? Just let them know? A receipt seems tacky. Thanks!
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Just about every charity has "gift in honor of" options. Here is the donation page to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and it has a "honor someone with your contribution" option at bottom right, which will notify the honoree.
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Before charities provided that option, I would find a especially nice card, and hand write,
Dear ...
A donation in your honor has been made to ....
Jesse the K

Can't go wrong with black ink.
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I've given donations in honor of other people to the Brady Campaign. They still send me tons of mail. I did what Jesse the K suggests, especially because charities are not always super prompt about sending the acknowledgment.
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Brady Campaign is a great organization as the others have said.
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