Rebroadcasting video from a subnet
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I run a science support network with frequent visitors and high turnover. A current project has two devices incorporating Axis webcams on a dedicated subnet. I have one laptop which is wired to the subnet and wireless on my “host” network. We don’t want to enable full routing to the subnet, so I want to use the laptop to re-broadcast the video from the two webcams onto the host network. The laptop (Windows 8) can see both the subnet and the host network, and machines on the host network can see the laptop.

VLC streaming works, but it fails and needs restarting when the source video is interrupted, so it's no good for a kiosk-type display. VNC will cover a kiosk use, but I also want it to be available to (busy, not tecchie) users. Browser is ideal, same as it comes off the camera.

Can anybody think of a browser solution, or something similarly simple that will be stable? HTML using the iframe tag doesn’t cut it, it just sends the user to the original webcam (which fails because it’s on the subnet). Ease of use is important.

This is a prototype system, so I am interested in both immediate (free) and future (can buy things) solutions. Thanks in advance.
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i haven't used Axis webcams but IP cameras typically produce a MJPEG stream (a quick search seems to suggest Axis does as well). Is it possible to record this stream to a local buffer on your laptop and serve that over HTTP? That way only you laptop reads the direct streams but anybody with access to your laptop over the host network can view the video.
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The magic word is "restream."
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Response by poster: Thanks! I'm not quite there yet but I'm already doing better and more than I was before. Thanks for the pointer.
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