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I'm going on a work trip with four other people, and we'll be passing through the Richmond area around lunchtime. Looking for suggestions for a lunch spot, pretty much anywhere in the greater Richmond metro area (but should be highway accessible).

The main criteria are that it should be easily accessible from I-95 (or 295) and it would be best to if we could seat a party of five with little to no wait. I haven't been to Richmond during the week, so I have no idea how bad traffic or parking will be - if that's something we need to take into consideration, let me know.

I have to come up with something to avoid stopping at Cracker Barrel (which is the fallback position of our driver), so please help!
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Best answer: Alamo on BBQ is fast, casual, definitely has open seats, great barbecue, very close to the highway.

Mama Js might be crowded, but has great southern comfort food.

Sugar shack donuts is the best donuts I've ever had, was recently ranked in the top ten by USA Today.
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Buz and Ned's off Boulevard and I-95 should be relatively easy to get seated during the week, and it's pretty good barbeque to boot.
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Best answer: We were just in Richmond a couple weeks ago and I second the recommendation for Mama J's, we went there for dinner and it was amazing!! We also liked Can Can Bistro and the Capital Ale House. We had a weekday lunch at both places with no wait.
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Peter Chang's and Cafe 821 are both godly. The former would be my recommendation, in particular if you don't want to get too far into town.
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I am going to share a secret with you. It's my favorite place to pick up lunch (there's limited outdoor seating and no seating inside.) The Naked Onion.

There's no web site unless Facebook counts, and their menu is here (Urban Spoon.)

Alamo is also a great suggestion if you're into barbecue.
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Go to Peter Chang's if you possibly can. It's not immediately off an I-95 exit, but it's just amazing. I live in Charlottesville—home of Peter Chang's original restaurant—and I still go to Peter Chang's every time I'm in Richmond. Including a week ago Friday and again tomorrow. (If you don't know who Peter Chang is, see this 2010 New Yorker profile of him.)
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Was coming in here to say Peter Chang, Peter Chang, Peter Chang. Cold cucumber, crispy pork belly, and the pork with spicy garlic sauce, but sub in chicken instead. Dear lord.
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I've eaten at Peter Chang's. It's pretty good. It's not a religious experience in my opinion, but definitely palatable. Enjoyed it.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recommendations everyone! We ended up going to Mama J's, in part because I thought it would suit everyone in our group best, and it was fantastic. I will definitely check out some of the other suggestions (especially Peter Chang's) the next time I'm in town.
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