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I'm looking for a table that shows crude death rates in the United States, broken down by race (or at least Black and White), preferably going back to 1960 (the first year records were kept). Anyone know where to find such a thing?
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This is a crazy coincidence! I work at a library, and we are weeding our collection. I am withdrawing a set of books called "State Life Tables: 1959-1961." It's a publication put out by the U.S. Dept of Health, Education, and Welfare and the National Center for Health Statistics. They are tables broken down by state that look at death rates, among other things, and break the population down into total population, white males, white females, nonwhite males, and nonwhite females.

So, since we are going to recycle them anyway...are you interested in them? It's a two volume set. PM me if so.

If not, I bet the National Center for Health Statistics keeps this kind of info, and it may be available online. Or these very same books might be at your local library.
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Oh but if you want trends over time SINCE 1960, I would check the National Center for Health Statistics website.
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How about this document from NCHS, Table 1? Page 5 has crude rates (p4 is raw numbers, and p6 is age-adjusted rates*). It has 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970, and then 1980-2011.

*You asked for crude rates, and so you probably have a good reason, but I feel obligated to warn any onlookers that often the age-adjusted rates are more appropriate.
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