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I'm looking for advice regarding online-based recovery groups (meetings, discussion boards, etc). In several months I will be moving to a city with no English-speaking AA meetings.

I do plan on attending meetings in the local language (which I am currently learning). However, moving to a new country is stressful, and I suspect having an online group would be helpful.

For those of you who participate in online recovery groups/communities, I'd appreciate any suggestions you have on: narrowing down meetings & forums to try; how to participate fruitfully and consistently; etc.
If you have suggestions for specific groups/forums, please me-mail me. (it might be problematic if our answers served to generate an internet page recommending certain groups, without involvement of said groups.)
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They do have English-speaking meetings, they just won't meet as frequently as every day. Barbados, Paris, Barcelona, you name it.
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Skype AAOnlineMeeting: seven days a week... 8:30pm-9:30pm Beijing time
Skype ChinaAAmeeting: Sun Mon Tue Thu Fri... 7pm-8pm Beijing time
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Obviously this was much more common 50 years ago, but search GSO for loners and you will see a bunch of resources. Also in searching I found something with calls itself the AA loners meeting.

My wife listens to OA speakers in podcast form, there is likely something similar for AA.

Try to get as hooked up with real people while you can and pick a few of the less flaky to email on a regular basis.

Feel free to MeMail me.
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Al-anon online.

Official list.
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