Seeking Faygo in DC
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No, I'm not a juggalo - just a guy living in the DC area with several friends from Michigan. I thought it might be fun to surprise some of my friends with Faygo redpop and homemade Superman ice cream at our next shindig. Problem is, I've had a hard time finding Faygo in the DC area. Any ideas? (The Faygo website has proven a dead-end.)

Yes, Faygo is gross. No need to remind me.
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I found this, but the info is more than two years old. You might want to call first.

7005 Manchester Boulevard, Franconia, VA
(703) 719-0572

It is within 1-1/2 miles of the DC Metro Franconia-Springfield stop (end of blue line). As of May 2012 they sold Creme Soda, Grape, and Ginger Ale Faygo in 24oz bottles. You might also try a couple of other Shoppers stores, there are more than a dozen in the DC area.

If no one else comes up with anything better, tonight I can contact a know-it-all friend and faygo fanatic in Detroit. She will likely be able to come up with something.
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I see Faygo pretty regularly in gas stations in northern Virginia. There's also at least one Faygo vending machine in Roanoke if you want to take a day trip to the mountains.
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I've seen Faygo fairly regularly in the Shoppers chain of grocery stores, but not elsewhere.

The only other time I saw it was when I attended a wedding in some rural bumfart area of western Ohio, at some sort of outdoor pre-party BBQ. I remember that I tried it, but I was 12 at the time -- I don't remember what it tasted like.
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I have seen it at mid-Atlantic Dollar Tree stores.
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My Detroit friend verifies that Dollar Tree should have them. She also suggests Walmart and Sheetz convenience stores (though I don't think there are any of those actually in DC, just nearby in VA).
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They sell Faygo at Sheetz gas stations if you have one nearby.
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Methinks there aren't any Sheetz stores close in to DC. I can verify from personal experience that there are ones in Maryland in Westminster, Manchester, and a brand-spanking-new one in Taneytown (all about 2h drive from DC) as well as Littlestown and Hanover in Pennsylvania (more than 2 hours). Not sure if there are any closer in, check their website for locations.

Shoppers stores would probably be much, much closer to the OP. (But Sheetz and Wawa are both pretty darn awesome stores anyway.)
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