Help me find some slow guitar songs with simple melodies
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I really like playing the song "Claudia's Theme" from the Unforgiven soundtrack. I'm not a very good guitar player but it's a slow enough pace and it's so deceptively simple that I can really concentrate on performing the piece or I can just pluck away at it without having to give it a ton of thought.

I'd like to find some similar slow songs with simple melodies that I could play. The sad and/or western feel isn't a requirement. I do like that style but I'm not picky and I play a bit of everything.

My ear isn't great so stuff with sheet music, tabs, or a youtube lesson helps but I'm certainly willing to take a crack at figuring it out by ear alone.

The only things I'd like to avoid are nursery rhymes and the like (Mary Had a Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, etc.).
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I was recently looking for a solo classical guitar rendition of the old hymn Just As I Am. I eventually stumbled on this version by Chas Evans, which was exactly what I was looking for. The song has a beautiful melody, similar in mood to the Claudia's Theme piece you linked.

Chas Evans - Just As I Am (SoundCloud)

The melody should be fairly simple to play -- just ignore the underlying chords until you feel like more of a challenge.
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Have you looked on Soundslice? I don't see a way of looking for simple melodies specifically, but all have YouTube videos and tabs, and you can slow down and loop playback to help you learn how to play it.
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Take a look at the opening to Storybook Love, the theme from The Princess Bridge.
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Liona Boyd - Gymnopédie #1 (Eric Satie)

Free online sheet music and tab here
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Will the Circle be Unbroken. There's plenty of lessons on Youtube and it's a gorgeous song. Lots of older gospel songs will probably fit the bill.
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I cried for you
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