Help me find this essay - against disconnecting?
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I have a dim memory of an essay/article floating around a few months to a year ago. It was basically an argument against disconnecting and 'digital detoxing'. Can you help me find it?

Things I remember: it may have been in the New York Times or it may not have (Google is proving unhelpful). It was getting stuck in to nervy dot commers fleeing to digital detox camps. I skimmed over it but can't fully remember the argument. I'd like to refer to it for a new project. Is this ringing any bells for anyone?
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Response by poster: @marauding ennui close! That's what my Googling found, too. But this essay was more about debunking digital detoxes or disconnecting - something about how people who 'unplug' or take digital detoxes are fooling themselves.
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Response by poster: @obscure reference that New Yorker essay is exactly it! Thank you so much!
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