Well, at least it covers the chain link fence.
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Plantfilter: What is this large flowering leafy bean plant in our yard? The plant in question (scroll down, it's an album of pics) is a large, leafy beast growing up and over our back fence in Los Angeles.

It grows quickly, stays green all spring, summer, and fall, and dies back to leafless sticks in the winter. We haven't watered at all this summer due to drought and the thing is still growing like crazy.

The large orange flowers don't seem to have a scent but they attract hummingbirds and bugs, and then turn into huge beans of some sort in late summer. Small versions of the plant are starting to appear out of the ground in random areas of the yard. Not sure if it propagates underground or by seed.

The hands in the pictures of the flowers and beans are mine for size reference; I'm an average sized adult female.

What have we got here? Is it edible? Poisonous? At any rate, it's nicer to look at than the chain link fence.
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Best answer: Trumpet vine.

Gardening reference.
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Best answer: Trumpet vine?
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Best answer: Campsis radicans, if you'd like the Latin name. It's a thug - intensely aggressive - make sure it won't overtake anything other than the structure it's already claimed. If you'd like, you can prune it very hard in late winter. It blooms on new growth, so you won't lose any blossoms, and it will (minimally, because the thing's a beast) control its growth.
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Best answer: Trumpet creeper vine! Oh, someone beat me to it.
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Response by poster: Wow, that was fast! Thanks everyone! Trumpet vine it is.
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