Looking for a good vet in Los Angeles
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Hi, I'm looking for a good, affordable veterinarian for two dogs in LA near Midcity/Midwilshire/Koreatown. Personal experiences especially welcome. Obligatory photo in comments!
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Response by poster: Here they are!!
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When we lived over there we liked Larchmont Animal Clininc on Larchmont. It's near your area but not exactly in it. The vets there were really great with our dogs, even with my bitey chihuahua.
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Mohawk Alley on Sunset.
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This isn't in your specified area, but Dr. Tang at Best Pet Care in Glendale is awesome. Affordable and no nonsense. Not the best bedside manner, but he's usually right and very honest.
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Before I moved out of the area, I liked Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic.
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We have been very happy with the Village Vet in Los Feliz, not quite in your specified area but close.
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