gmail tabbed inbox on ios or os x apps?
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Are there any iOS apps or desktop Mac OS apps that play nice with gmail's tabbed inbox? I realize some do priority inbox, but that's not what I want.

Right now I use gmail's web interface on the desktop and their own iOS app. Both of these are perfectly adequate, but I'm wondering if there's something sleeker. I've tried mailbox on iOS and Sparrow, and while both of those are gmail focused none of them integrate with the tabbed inbox, and so the problem is that they push notifications to me regarding all of the junk mails that Google has graciously separated out into different tabs.

I've tried duplicating google's work with my own set of filters, but nothing works quite as well as their own set up.
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By tabbed interface I suppose you mean the label list down the side?

There are two unrelated issues here.

Notification alerts are generated by client apps, these can be disabled. Disabling must be done on a per-app basis using iOS settings in the notification centre.

Filters are used by gmail to process inbound email, commonly this is used to label email. You can also have the filter bypass the inbox. I am almost certain that notifications do not appear for email which does bypass the inbox (e.g. that classified as spam by gmail).

So, if you want to have notifications and classify email as junk then you must label the junk and bypass the inbox, using the label to read it later on. If you want to leave junk in your inbox then you must turn off notifications for that app. There is no way that I am aware of to inhibit notifications for certain labels.
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Hmm, separate, rather than 'unrelated' perhaps.
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Response by poster: No, I don't mean the label list - most iOS apps integrate with the labels quite well. The tabbed interface is this:

The problem is that from the perspective of every single email app other than Google's own, all these messages are processed as appearing in the main inbox, and therefore a) clog up the main view on those apps and b) push notifications as each one is received.

Google has done an excellent job of developing an automated sorting system for those tabs, and my own attempts to corral something similar with "roll your own" filters are never quite as good, since they only work on senders from whom you have already received a message in the past, unless you can predict subjects.

Essentially, I want an iOS app that plays nice with these tabs (other than Google's own iOS app), but it looks like one simply doesn't exist yet because Google hasn't provided access to an API that recognizes those tabs as labels/categories for the purposes of IMAP. I guess it's a 'non-standard' IMAP implementation or something.
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hmm, my comment got eaten by preview?

I poked around a bit in the search options settings in gmail's web interface, and discovered that the "tabs" correspond to the "category:" keyword. Perhaps if you find an app that allows you to create saved searches for each category, that will get you what you want?
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