Very thick antifatigue mat for standing desk?
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I'm trying to locate this awesome antifatigue mat to pair with my standing desk. All I can remember about it is that it's ridiculously thick (like 6 inches), that it was a doctor's mat of choice, and that it's best to use in socks or bare feet.
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I don't know anything about standing desk mats except that the wirecutter did a story about them. Maybe yours is among the ones they tested?
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This is the one I have. It's thick for sure, and definitely designed for barefoot standing. I have it at my standing desk and it's so awesome that my coworkers steal it when I'm not around.
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I purchased one mat from Gel Pro. Used it for two weeks and purchased 3 more. Used one at my standing desk, one in the kitchen and one in my living room so I could watch TV standing up. The other was for just in case. They have lasted for 2 years now. Great value.
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