Did Montaigne actually say anything like this? If so, where?
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In reviewing Wendell Berry's The Hidden Wound, one reviewer says: "The brunt of the book is to wake us up, page after page, from stupidity. 'It is a kind of death,' Montaigne said, 'to avoid the pain of well doing, or trouble of well living.' Wendell Berry makes that observation rip the air like an alarm clock." I'd like to find the work Montaigne is quoted from.

However, a Google search on the phrase "to avoid the pain of well doing" seems to only turn up results referencing this review of Berry's book.

Perhaps it's not Montaigne? (Or perhaps Montaigne isn't all over the web?)

Where else/how else can I search for this?
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Best answer: Here you go.
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Best answer: I know the question has already been answered, but if you're looking for a more recent translation you could check out the copy over at Project Gutenberg. Click on the "Read this book online" and search for "pain of living well" to get to the right spot.
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