JPEG file - thumbnail and main picture don't match
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My phone camera had a bad day and somehow saved 3 pictures I took as the same image. ie when I click on the 3 different files, it displays the same image. But the thumbnails show the correct image for each of the 3 files. Somehow the jpg files must have got the thumbnails and bigger images mixed up. I've tried different viewers (on my Window computer) and get the same results. I believe jpgs can store several image versions - Is there some technique or software that might let me see and extract all the images within the jgp file? (with the hope to rescue the biggest version of my intended picture for each file). Thanks
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afaik a jpeg can store a thumbnail as well as the main image. You can remove the thumbnail quite easily using something like jhead.

I would copy the files elsewhere first, perhaps renaming them too to see if that fixes the disconnection between the thumbnail and the actual image. Don't touch the original files.
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