Help me find beautiful games for my Android phone
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I love Monument Valley, and would like to find more games like it. I'm seeking ones that are beautiful, minimalist, simple, atmospheric and tranquil -- the less time pressure and freneticism, the better. Puzzle-like aspects are great, arty/indie is great, good use of sound would be great. I'd especially love recommendations for games featuring female protagonists and ones rooted in a non-competitive worldview --- but those aspects aren't critical, just nice-to-have. Help me waste my time with beauty and joy :)
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Best answer: I highly recommend Zen Bound 2 and Osmosis HD. Neither are adventures, more puzzle-like, but both have gorgeous graphics and wonderful music. Both are pretty resource-intensive, but for relaxing ways to waste time and battery, they're my favorites.
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Best answer: Quell is a very pretty puzzle game with simple mechanics and lovely graphics, atmospheric sound and design.
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Best answer: If you have, or can borrow, a PS2 or PS3 I highly recommend Ico. Beautiful sound, puzzles, tranquil, if lonely and desolate atmosphere. There's a female co-protagonist, and cooperation with that character is the key to the puzzles. There is occasional, somewhat tense (gore free, fantasy) combat, but other than that it fits your description perfectly.
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...gah, I missed the part about the phone, for which it is sadly unavailable. It is one of my all time favourite games, though, and worth tracking down.
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Best answer: Kami is a very beautifully designed game. It is a puzzle solving game
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Best answer: The Room (There's the sequel out now too) is a great puzzle game for Android, that's really worth playing.
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Best answer: Pretty sure Contre Jour meets your criteria, and has a free demo (possibly the whole game?) that can be played in-browser.

Seconding (but correcting) Osmos.

Nightsky might be too frenetic for you, but is close enough to be worth checking out.

Spirits also seems pretty promising.

World of Goo is a classic at this point, and deserves the status.
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Best answer: If you have, or can borrow, a PS2 or PS3 I highly recommend Ico.

Seconded, so much. I just played Monument Valley based on this AskMe and was delighted to find it's the first thing I've seen in years that really hits that spot that Ico does.
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Best answer: You might enjoy Blek. Minimalist puzzle with zero time pressure.
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Response by poster: These are all such good answers, thank you. "Beautiful" isn't the kind of quality it's easy to search for: your help was exactly what I need. I've downloaded most (am currently loving Contre Jour) and will try them all. Thank you :)
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