Help me remember a computer game that involved safe-cracking
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I'm trying to remember the name of a game for either the ZX81, the Commodore 16 or the Commodore 64. I suspect it was one of the former two. Gameplay involved a single screen, with several platforms and pipes connecting them. You played as a square or round character and had to move via the pipes and platforms. Various other characters were also moving around, which you had to avoid. All of these details are fuzzy.

I seem to recall that certain pipes would only let you move in one direction, with the same for platforms. I believe you had to collect a key of some description, then float up to the top right of the screen on a yellow balloon, and then use the key. I definitely recall there being a safe or box, which may have been blue, in the top right. Opening this was the purpose of the game. The graphics were very very basic and I think the game had a one word name.

It wasn't a cops 'n' robbers type game. More like Bubble Bobble to look at, but not in actual gameplay.
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Lode Runner?
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Sounds like Blagger.
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Response by poster: Sadly, it wasn't either of those. The safe is in the correct place in Blagger, but the characters are too well-defined. A relative thinks that it was played with the joystick and confirms that you were attached to the platforms for the most part. There was no jumping.
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