Tier 4? More like Tears 4Ever.
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YANM Immigration Lawyer, but I'm curious/anxious. I am a US citizen applying for a Tier 4 Student Visa. I am applying from the US but I lived in Germany and Holland (on student visas) from 2009 to 2012. How likely is it that the Home Office will want proof of those visas?

(This is such a weirdly specific circumstance that I can't find anything about it in guidance notes. Also, I know that I should've taken better care of expired travel documents but at 20, I didn't realize I would be applying for a Tier 4 visa nearly three years later :( .)

My application is nearly complete but there's something that's gnawing at me. I was born outside the US and received my citizenship when I was 14. I also renewed my US passport when I was 18. I disclosed this information on my application which means that now I need to track down my expired foreign and US passport information--annoying and difficult but my mother is likely to have scans of the information pages.

I also lived in Germany for one year as part of a high-school exchange and in the Netherlands for two years after that for the first half of college. My Dutch visa card is in a garbage can somewhere in NYC, though there's a chance my old university has a copy on file. My German visa was in my expired US passport whose whereabouts are unknown, and the chances of me finding it are very low.

Considering my need to provide information on expired passports, will it be likely that I need to provide information about those old visas?
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I can't find any specific advice - but I don't see why you would, they should not affect you UK eligibility in any way so would just be irrelevant I think.
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Best answer: I applied for a Tier 4 visa and while I think I had to disclose what countries I'd been in, why, and when, I don't remember having to provide any specifics about about visas (two Italian student visas and another dig permit.) I did use the same passport but they didn't actually see my passport until I went to the consulate to get the British one. However, that was several years ago-- this form says that they want past passports to show your travel history, though if you only need to provide the number then maybe that's all they require. I know the phone system is terrible, but it might be worth phoning to confirm.
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