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Your favorite amateur musical performance on Youtube is...

I'm still building a sweet Youtube playlist to watch instead of TV around kids. In my last question I wanted all Youtube live music videos ever and got a bunch of great live performances. But what are some amateur musical performances that really stand out on youtube?

Basically anything that isn't a real concert by a professional is what I'm looking for, whether that's in a bedroom, or a classroom, or a recital hall, or a street corner or a church or a church that is a street corner!

Good sound is nice, but not perfect sound. Nothing inappropriate or scary for kids. All genres, but must be really awesome!
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You've gotta have Chris Hadfield doing Space Oddity while sitting in a tin can far above the world.
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Anything by Jake and the Burtones.
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Anything from the Latvian Song Festival. It's amazing music, but all the singers are from local amateur groups.
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Great collection mbrock!
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Sorry Maecenas, but those are definitely professionals!
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Love this ukulele cover of Britney Spears' "Toxic". It's the best sort of Youtube amateur vid: amazingly talented unknown person, poorly framed, just sharing their thing.
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Hallejulah, I'm a Bum
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what do you consider "professional"? like, Diarrhea Planet is a known band, but small enough that I'm pretty sure they all have day jobs. If they count, this live version of Ghost With A Boner might be my single favorite thing on youtube.
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PS22 Chorus rendition of Rolling in the Deep (which led to a national Target commercial for the singer, Denise Bestman

Acapella version of Little Secrets by Wesleyan's The New Group

Leave the Lion cover of Wolf Like Me at a bar in Vancouver
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Greg that is so incredibly far from what I'm looking for but I've never seen that and it's definitely the best thing on youtube so its getting a best answer. Thanks y'all!
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This amazing street performance by Dub FX has been a YT favorite of mine for years.
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Does Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir count? Whitacre is a professional conductor, and he gets thousands of (presumably mostly amateur?) singers to record themselves singing one of his songs. He then combines all of those videos together, and makes a "virtual choir". My favorite is Virtual Choir 2, "Sleep".
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This homeless beatboxer is clearly one of the greatest things to appear on YouTube. Make you want to slap your grandmammy.

I guess the word "ass" might disqualify it for kids, but still.
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Actually, there's a lot of swearing that I didn't remember. So terrible choice for kids but still awesome.
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terrible choice for kids but still awesome.

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I really love this version of the Mongolian song Naiman Sharag, done by an American college choir. I forget how I stumbled across it, but it is one of the best things I've randomly found on the internet.
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