Tennis - US Open itinerary logistics question
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I'm going to the US Open on Sunday, August 31, a day in which a Mets game is also going on (starts at 1pm). We are staying in Midtown and plan on taking the LIRR. We'd like to hit up (the Chinese side of) Flushing at some point (maybe before going into watch) for lunch or snack. When should we get the LIRR from Penn Station to miss crowds-so-full-we-need-take another train? (no earlier than 11am is possible)

How would you recommend getting to or from Flushing and USTA NTC (Subway/LIRR one stop/Uber/cab?) Should we just eat on site?

Wife hasn't been to Flushing but I think it's one of the more exciting places in the country. Planning on watching around 4 hours of tennis
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I go to the Open every year on Labor Day and have done so for years. Can't speak to the LIRR - I always take the 7 train to get there. Maybe someone else can comment on that.

Personally, I eat at the tennis center - there are tons of options. But there's no reason not to go to Flushing if you want to before or after or during. I'd take the 7 train for sure between the tennis center and Flushing. It's only one stop. You really shouldn't have any trouble taking the 7 between Flushing/Willets Point even if there is a Mets game going on. Also, the transfer from the LIRR exit to the 7 train is very easy if you want to take the LIRR to the tennis center and hop on the 7 to Flushing for lunch.
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Best answer: thats the one thing you don't have to plan. seconding the 7 train. easy access in and out - with all the crowds at both places, getting to and from the venues has never been a problem.

assume you are going for the day session, - in which case if you try to leave after 1pm for lunch to flushing - the soonest you can get back into the stadium after lunch would be 3pm to not be rushed. you`ll probably miss a lot of tennis. (do you have reserved seats at ashe or just the grounds pass - grounds pass means typically long lines to get into stadiums)

with all that said, my recommendation would be -
1. get to usopen sometime after 11; watch as much tennis as you like, eat lunch onsite
2. get out of usopen - go to flushing to get snack or early dinner depending on when you leave
3. hop back on the 7/LIRR train back to midtown
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You can take the 7 or the Port Washington Line. Honestly - it depends where your hotel is. Anywhere on the west side I'd take the LIRR. Much quicker and you'll get a seat. Make sure you buy a "CityTicket" - its 4 bucks. A bit more expensive than the subway. Both the LIRR and 7 stops at Shea and Flushing Main Street are adjacent to one another.

It probably makes sense to take the 7 between Shea and Flushing and the LIRR for the longer runs.

Chowhound is hands down your best place to research Flushing BTW.
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