800 number routing
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I would like to setup several toll free numbers and have them routed each to a different phone number. Is there a company you would recommend that could set that up for me, and that will have a caller log feature for each toll free number for when clients call? Thank you.
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I have had good luck with VoIP.ms, which you have to set up yourself, but is point-and-click. You would provision multiple 1-800 DIDs and have them forwarded to termination points (aka people's phones). It is probably the cheapest option, and flexible if you want to set up multiple ring groups, online voicemail, etc. I'm not sure about call logging details, but they have a searchable, sortable web interface as well as export to XML, Excel, CSV, SQL, etc. if you want to run your own processing. You can also hook up a $40 ObiHai box to an Internet connection and make landlines if you need them in offices.
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I second VoIP.ms, we use it for lots of our external dial numbers in various countries.
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