Help me navigate the government's System for Awards Mangement
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Yay, I got registered with SAM but I can't register my entity!

I work for a property management firm and one of our new tenants is a government agency. The only way to get paid is to use the government's SAM system.

Registration got sorted out and now am trying to add an entity using the DUNS number given to me by the GSA real estate rep. But when I try to add it, it says there's already an entity with that name. But when I try to search by the DUNS number, it says there's no record. And when I search for the company name, a few records show up in SAM but none of them have the DUNS number I was given

The owner is a single asset entity owned by a corporation and has the same federal ID as the parent company. Is this what's hanging me up?

Does anyone have any helpful tips or tricks to navigating the system? Are there any good tutorials or resources?
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The only way I found to get it done was to call the SAM and DUNS support numbers (SAM first, then DUNS only if SAM can't fix it). If you call DUNS, make sure you talk to a person who works with federal contractors. I ended up talking to a normal person, who inaccurately insisted that the only way to fix the issue was for me to buy some sort of DUNS membership.

I'd start by calling the SAM help line, which I think my client (the government agency) provided for me.

I doubt you want to hear this right now, but after I registered for SAM, the government accidentally released my info into the wild, including my social security number and bank account information. That plus the hassles of registration and endless updates means that I now refuse all federal government clients, with no harm at all to my business.
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The SAM help line isn't terribly intuitive to find, so in case this helps: They have a lot of FAQs on their site, so I'd search there first.

And, echoing ceiba, here's the DUNS gov-specific page that says: D-U-N-S Number assignment is FREE for all businesses required to register with the US Federal government for contracts or grants.
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