What is wrong with my Google Play books account?
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Suddenly Play Books only works on computers that are not mine.

I use Google Books (part of Play) to read books on my phone and elsewhere. Up until today it's been flawless. Today I uploaded a book to it in epub format, just like I've done hundreds of times before, but this time the list of books just hangs at the "refreshing" arrow. It never actually shows my books!

I checked all three browsers that I have installed: Firefox, IE and Chrome. All are current. All have the same problem. So I moved to my wife's PC. Same deal on all three browsers. This is what I get. That arrow spins forever. There should be so many books there. Same deal when I try to use my phone's Chrome. Just the spinning arrow taunting me.

So I go to my mac. Voila! Shit works proper on Chrome. I Teamviewer into a work PC and it works there too on Chrome. It also shows my books via the Play Books android app, but I can't upload using the app. Woe is me! Just to be sure it wasn't the book that I uploaded fucking things up, I uploaded it from my work PC and it took just fine.

So now I gotta ask myself why it doesn't work on my phone or my two windows PCs at home, but does work on my Mac and my Windows PC at work. I cleared all the histories and deleted all the cookies from Chrome, which is my normal browser. No joy. I just want this to work again! Computer gods, please shine the illuminating light of know-how on my benighted self. I'm so not good with computer.
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What happens if you delete the last uploaded book?
posted by Mo Nickels at 6:15 PM on August 12, 2014

No luck Mo. I actually tried deleting all the books since I posted this and while I can reupload them from my Mac or my work PC they still never show on my home PC.
posted by Sternmeyer at 6:23 PM on August 12, 2014

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