Help me use my sick day tomorrow!
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So I need to burn off a sick day tomorrow. I was planning on going to the beach but alas, the forecast calls for rain. What's something else fun that I could do in Manhattan and/or Brooklyn?

My friend and I have been planning for weeks to call out tomorrow and go to the beach, but now they're saying 100% chance of rain. What else can we do tomorrow morning/afternoon in NYC? We've lived here for years so we're not interested in touristy stuff.

What would be good is... something that we could normally only go to on a weekend when its way too crowded. If we can't think of anything else, we'll go to a museum. But I've already been to most of them. A Mets game or visiting the Botanical Gardens or doing a day trip to Cold Spring etc all woud've been amazing, but again, it's supposed to rain.

Help! I hate to spend the day just seeing a movie or barhopping or anything else I could do any old weekend/night.
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Brooklyn Farmacy for lunch and ice cream.

Wednesday Matinee

Happy Hour! Oysters and cocktails at Catfish sounds like a winner to me!

Bitchy Bingo at Lips to finish it off.
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The batman 75th anniversary discussion in bryant park looks especially good.

8/13 12:30pm (wednesdays thru 8/20): the annual ’word for word' author series at bryant park continues with comics writer scott snyder(batman, american vampire, superman unchained) and dc entertainment vp of marketing john cunningham discussing batman's 75th anniversary. the bryant park reading room (under the trees/umbrellas on the 42nd st. side of the park), free.
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Can't comment on the rest - but definitely go out for lunch at one of those ridiculously expensive restaurants that has a much cheaper, weekdays-only lunch prix-fixe menu.
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Best answer: Spa day! Russian Turkish Baths in the East Village.
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Spa Castle
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Personally, I'm really, really sick of the heat of summer, so seeing as tomorrow is supposed to reach only the low 70s, I might have a pretend autumn day and do things like bake bread or start a knitting project. Stuff that you're loathe to do on a hot day and that take kind of a long, leisurely time.
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I love the aquarium out by coney island. ..since it's going to be wet out, might as well make it a theme...
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Have you been to the Cloisters? If I had a sick day tomorrow, that's what I would want to do...alas, I freelance and don't even have sick days. Enjoy.
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The Chuck Jones Retrospective at the Museum of the Moving Image is fantastic. And if you haven't been to the Queens Museum to see the NY Panorama, that's also worth a detour.
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Response by poster: Lots of good ideas here, but the winner is the Russian Turkish Baths! And I found a discount groupon-esque thing, so it's a double win. Thanks everyone! I will keep the other suggestions in mind for the next sick day :)
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If you haven't been, the Noguchi Museum is a hidden gem. Very peaceful and ideally seen without crowds. It's in Long Island City, not Brooklyn or Manhattan, but a free day is a good excuse to go a little out of your way.
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