Help me find this St. Louis Art Museum Special Exhibition Piece.
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OK, this is going to be tricky: A friend of mine saw an exhibit at the St. Louis Art Museum that she talks about all the time. There was a hands-on type of piece, probably on a piece of paper or cardstock, and you could flip it: One side said something akin to "I'm where I need to be" and the other side said something in the vein of "Anywhere but here."

I think it was a special exhibit (a rotating one), but I could be wrong, as I've never been to the St. Louis Art Museum myself. It was sometime in the last 12 years, very likely between 2002-2006.

It's obviously a long shot and super vague -- therefore the Google troubles -- and I've done a decent amount of trying to google certain exhibit names in that time frame from this archive list. But I can't seem to track it down. Would love the help!
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Call their library.
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Best answer: It sounds similar to a Félix González-Torres work named Untitled (Somewhere better than this place, Nowhere better than this place). Searching shows he exhibited (posthumously) in St Louis in 2006 in the Pulitzer Gallery. This is the work I am thinking of, but I can't verify it was in the show.
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Yes, it was Gonzalez-Torres at the Pulitzer Foundation though, not the Saint Louis Art Museum. I still have my take-aways from the show.
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