Techno for baby?
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I'm putting together an extended mix for some friends, focusing entirely on electronic music that's unusually well-suited for infants. Anyone have thoughts on appropriate tracks?

Years ago while visiting Chicago I browsed through Evil Clown and found a CD set titled "techno for baby". I did not buy it, and I cannot now seem to find it, but for a while it became a running joke in our lives. my friends are now beset with a new child, I've decided to revive the ancient running joke by creating a mix that is aimed at infants/toddlers, but I also have no idea what that would actually mean, musically.

So, thoughts?
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I Got My Eye On You

Baby I Love You
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My kiddo is crazy for Daft Punk and Calvin Harris. She also digs Clean Bandit. These are more edm than straight techno, but same universe I figure.
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Teardrop by Massive Attack comes to mind.
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Stuff by Plone or ISAN.
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Soothing Sounds for Baby
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Pocket Calculator

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Babies love dub techno. Search out this or this series.
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When my kid was a newborn, she seemed to love the K&D Sessions by Kruder and Dorfmeister. Especially disc 2.
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A lot of Aphex Twin's more ambient stuff but especially Curtains.
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Music Has the Right to Children seems fitting.
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Massive Attack and Portishead would be groups to look at. Some selections from the Cafe del Mar series would also be good. Or more generally, look at 90's trip-hop. Brian Eno might also be worth investigating.

I kinda figure actual techno (4 on the floor, OONST OONST OONST OONST) might not be best for babies in terms of being soothing and calming.
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Oh, or Buddha Bar CD series. I think that's the correct name.
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My daughter likes Underworld, especially "Banstyle/Sappys Curry" and "Jumbo".
Also seconding Kruder & Dorfmeister.
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Here to second Aphex Twin. Analogue Bubblebath was a popular one for us.
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Little Fluffy Clouds by The Orb
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Howie B - Music for Babies.
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i have no children to test these out on, but I find these immensely soothing and uplifting:

Snooze 4 Love by Todd Terje
Breathe by Telepopmusik
Eple by Royksopp
Happy Up Here by Royskopp
Beautiful Life by Gui Boratto
Lalibela by Caribou
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My son used to settle to Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Vol 2 when he was small (<6mo). I can still fall asleep to it. To my surprise, he also seemed to like rather harsh industrial techno (e.g. Iszoloscope), I guess because it's like white noise a lot of the time.

For sheer childlike silliness it's hard to beat Rotterdam Termination Source, though.
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Plone, as Mr. Six wisely suggests, is absolutely on the money. Playful, euphoric, interesting but not abrasive.
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Honestly, I have seen two years absolutely rocking out to the most evil drum&bass you've probably ever heard. I don't think they really care if the music is abrasive.
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My kid loves Art vs Science, especially Create/Destroy.
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Deadmau5! When my son was a baby he loved it so much it inspired him to take his first step.
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Thank you everyone, I really appreciate the help!
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