New lenses for old glasses
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I have two pairs of old glasses I really like, and want new lenses for them. Is there anywhere in Boston that will give me a good deal on them? Single vision, weak prescription, polycarbonate. I could probably be interested in adding the first AR option. Costco is not an option. Walmart is $79, but takes several weeks. Where is the best place to have my new prescription filled?
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Have you checked out For Eyes? They have several in your area. I haven't used them in the several years since I had Lasik, but they were always reasonably priced, good quality, and pretty quick.
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If you don't mind the wait (which you might if Walmart takes too long), I have had 3 pairs of glasses done by If you factor in cost ($35 a pair, less if you do them both at the same time) it can be worth the wait.
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Lenscrafters? They are fast.
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