Looking For Movies With Love Triangle Plots
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Looking for movies that feature love triangles, any genre

Doing a bit of plot/script research - I'm looking for movies that feature a love triangle, mostly where someone wins over someone else who is in a relationship (that is in all sorts of states: good or bad). Example being Titanic, where Jack wins over Rose who was engaged to the awful Cal.

Any genres apply, including gay/lesbian, dramas, sci-fi, comedies, etc.

Anything you can think of! Even the obvious choices and obscure ones.
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Against All Odds

The Empire Strikes Back
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Casablanca, obviously. Rick, Ilsa, and Victor.
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I don't even know where to start.

IMDb has 2,573 films tagged with "love triangle," though, skimming the first page of results, some of those do seem to be a stretch.
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Response by poster: I feel like it's something I've seen a million times, but was having a very hard time coming up with movies.

I'm looking for more of a specific type of love triangle where there's already a relationship between two of the actors, not just a person picking between two people. This is hard to search the internet for, hence needing the help from the hive mind.
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Made of Honor with Patrick Dempsey
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The Kids Are All Right is a great example of this.
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Dr Zhivago
The Graduate
Vanilla Sky
The Other Woman
I Am Love
Lost in Translation
A Walk on the Moon
Minnie and Moscowitz
The Ice Storm
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Closer (2004), though I suppose it is more of a love square.
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Breathe In
The Postman Always Rings Twice
Vanilla Sky (weird version of)

Taking a look at what links to "love triangle" on Wikipedia:

The Hunger (1983 film)
The Rules of Attraction
The Quiet American

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My Best Friend's Wedding
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Came here to say "love square". But also: Eternal Sunshine, Never Let Me Go, Scott Pilgrim...
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On the gay cinema front, Freier Fall, Contracorriente, Eyes Wide Open, and Snails in the Rain are all foreign-language films about married men who are won over by gay men, and while Sunday Bloody Sunday is a more traditional love triangle (in which a young man is involved with a man and a woman), it's one of the best examples of the theme.
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The Truth About Cats And Dogs
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Something Borrowed is surprisingly good, and is exactly this story line.
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Edward Scissorhands
The Sound of Music
Moulin Rouge!

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I am pretty sure Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, and most if not all Jane Austen adaptations contain love triangles of the sort you seek.
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Ah-hah, yet another opportunity to recommend my two favorite Ernst Lubitsch musicals! The Smiling Lieutenant (1931) and One Hour With You (1932). The former much more than the latter, but they both work.
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TVTropes: Love Triangle
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The Station Agent has a weird thing going on.
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Reaching for the Moon
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Bar Girls
Chasing Amy
Jules et Jim
Three of Hearts
Pretty in Pink
Some Kind of Wonderful
The Wedding Singer
Bridget Jones (both)
Love Actually
How to Marry a Millionaire
French Kiss
Addicted to Love
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A Place in the Sun
The Age of Innocence
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Imagine Me and You is all about a love triangle.
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Enemies, A Love Story (based on the even better book by Isaac Bashevis Singer) is actually a love quadrangle: It starts out about a man, the woman who hid him through the Holocaust and later married him, and his mistress. Then his wife returns from the concentration camps, not dead after all.
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The very dark film, Damage, comes to mind.
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Sliding Doors (turns into a square of sorts)
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone!
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