Movin' on down to the QC. All your Charlotte advice goes here
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Neighborhood? Specific building? Gyms? Any and all of your advice on these or other Charlotte related life-things.

I'll be going down in a few weeks to work and do an apartment search. I have a snazzy relocation package that includes someone's assistance for a day, and some [wonderful, but older] family who live in Charlotte. Co-workers who have already made the move have given advice, but many of them came from smaller, "safer" towns (I've lived in DC for the last 12 years) and their safety concerns are not mine.
I'll be working in the University area, but will not be living there.
[Single, early 30s, cis-het woman]
What I want:
-a one bedroom (or more?)
-washer/dryer in unit
-private balcony or patio.
-preferably under $1300/month
-some level of walkability/neighborhood/local bar/restaurants
I know. Simple. Many of the apartment buildings in uptown and its environs appear to attract 23 yr old guys working in finance who still think they are in school. Reviews use the word "FRAT" a lot. This is not appealing to me. And I don't need the billiard room, clubroom, poolside cabanas that seem to attract these types. (I am aware that only unhappy people take the time to review apartments).
Noda, Dillworth, Elizabeth, Plaza Midwood-these are more appealing neighborhoods to me. Do you have any specific opinions on neighborhoods, apartment buildings, or otherwise?
And maybe a crossfit box? (Ugh, I know) I like crossfit bc I like being programmed, the people are really nice and it's waaaaaay cheaper than a personal trainer for me, but I don't have a favorite named workout-so, a chill-ish one with lots of people at all levels?
(The last "moving to Charlotte askme is from 3 years ago and Charlotte seems to be rapidly changing/growing/converting condos to apartments)
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Hi from CLT! I've aged out of your demographic and am firmly in the suburban life-with-kids, but am part of a lively Facebook women's group who will have lots of suggestions. (It shares many wonderful qualities with AskMe.) Happy to ask there on your behalf, or if you want to Memail me with your real name I could even add you to the group.
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It sounds like you're looking in some great parts of town. I've been in CLT for 20 years, and the amount of change has been amazing -- so you're right to want an update over the 3-year-old post.

At first blush, I’d suggest South End, Elizabeth and Plaza Midwood. There are piles of new-construction units along the light rail line in South End, and the neighborhood (especially near the Dilworth/Wilmore area) is walkable. In addition, if you're not looking for mid-rise apts, Wilmore and Dilworth have tons of small houses on the rental market.
NoDa is great for music and art, but until the light rail is extended through it (2017ish, I think) it remains slightly removed from the rest of town.

I’m happy to answer anything specific via Memail. [I live in Wilmore/SouthEnd, and have many friends in PM and Elizabeth.]
Welcome to the Queen City!
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I live just north of the city in Birkdale (Lake Norman) but have lived in just about all the areas you mentioned.

They all have different merits.

Memail me any specific questions if you like.
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I grew up in CLT and go back at least once a year. NoDa seems to have lots of newish condos and is definitely pretty walkable for restaurants and nightlife. If you're working in the University area, NoDa or Plaza-Midwood would probably give you an easier commute than Dilworth or Elizabeth.
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I haven't lived in CLT as an adult, but I lived there for a few years as a teenager and have family there so I visit often. All my old friends are in your age range and live in the Plaza-Midwood area, and they are definitely not the bro-ey finance types (I definitely know what you mean by that, my friends are more like artists and IT guys). They all live in houses with their partners/roommates so I'm not sure what the apartment situation is. Like others have said the changes there have been really dramatic, when I was a teenager Charlotte was a soulless banking town that was completely dead at night, and I am constantly surprised when I go out with my friends in those neighborhoods. There actually is a lot of cool stuff to do now, and you can totally walk/bike there if you're in the right neighborhood.
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Hi! We (wife, daughter and I) live in Charlotte and have since 2010. My wife and I have lived in Kentucky, Detroit metro area, Dublin, Ireland, back to Kentucky and now Charlotte. We like Charlotte quite a lot, although we have mostly experienced it as a new family, as my daughter was born right before we moved here.

I teach at UNCC and live in Windsor Park. WP is about 3 miles further out than Plaza Midwood. Windsor Park is a very affordable ranch home neighborhood with a traditional (black and white) and international (Hispanic, Arab and Asian) mix of people. Economically speaking the neighborhood is a mix of working class and middle class folks. One of the best things about our neighborhood is that it has the best range and mix of international restaurants in the city.

For $1300 in our neighborhood you could rent a whole house that has probably been nicely renovated. It is not super walkable as far as walking to restaurants or groceries. There is a grocery I could walk to without really leaving the neighborhood, but it doesn't have quite everything I look for when I shop. I do go there, but I also go to Food Lion and an international grocery that are about 1 mile away.

Plaza Midwood is probably one of the more walkable neighborhoods in Charlotte, and with a good location you could walk to Harris Teeter which is a very large grocery store in the neighborhood. There you could more easily walk to some fun nightlife as well.

BUT, Charlotte is really still a car town. Our former mayor, Anthony Fox, was very progressive with regards to public transit, but he was so progressive and successful he was tapped to be the Secretary of Transportation for Obama. There is lots of development on tap for public transit, but it is still a ways off.

The nice thing about our location (besides the restaurants) is that you can be in Plaza Midwood, or even Uptown, in about 10 minutes. You can be at the University in 15 minutes. You can be in South Charlotte in 20 minutes to 30 minutes (although I rarely go to South Charlotte).
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I know a (very quiet, late-20s professional) woman who loves her uptown building, I think it's called The Vue.
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