Tell me about your awesome vet in Northern Virginia!
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I've been in the area a couple years now, and my vet experience for my cats has been less than satisfactory. And the sticker shock! I adore my cats, but damn. I am in the Arlington area, but am willing to drive into the surrounding suburbs. Thanks in advance.
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We liked Parkway Veterinary Clinic in Burke so much that we still drove there even after moving to south Arlington. That's far (especially in your godawful traffic), but they are pretty excellent!
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We liked Clocktower Animal Hospital in Herndon. When the stress of car trips to the vet became too much for our elderly diabetic cat, the vets at Clocktower recommended Dr. Foster of Companion Paws Mobile Veterinary Service, who is exclusively a house call vet. We have been very happy with how she has helped us manage our cat's multiple health conditions. Depending on where you live in Arlington, you may not be in her service area, but if you are we highly recommend her.

Her rates are slightly higher than Clocktower's, but I believe she offers a discount if you schedule a visit for multiple cats at the same time.
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My friend is very happy with the NOVA cat clinic.
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Arlington Animal Hospital
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Seconding Parkway! They are fantastic.
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I am a big fan of Dr. Boos at Kingstowne Cat Clinic.
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Seconding NOVA cat clinic. They're right in Arlington and the vets are super nice.
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My family has always used Belle Haven Animal Medical Centre and had great experiences.
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