Mystery reminder on iPhone
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Missed a call on my phone. An hour later a reminder appeared, telling me to call back. How did that happen?

To be clear, this is a reminder, not a missed call notification. If I open the reminder app (iPhone 5s, Virgin Mobile), there is an item telling me to call back that number. I most certainly didn't put it there.

This is an unknown number to me, and a web search doesn't reveal much info about it other than it came from Shelton, WA.

I am obviously blocking this number, but I am still baffled as to why or how my phone did this.
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Maybe it's that "to leave a callback number, press pound" instruction or whatever? I've always ignored it, I think most people do, but maybe the person who tried to call you used that feature?
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For what it's worth, I got the same message yesterday on my iPhone 4S. Except in my case it was a number I knew. Never received such a message before and haven't done any updates lately. Message arrived right after I missed the call.
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Best answer: Could you have accidentally pocket-typed the "Remind me" button that comes up on the incoming call screen?
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When you have a missed call, there is a button on the iPhone screen that says "remind me"; it's likely you hit that unintentionally and that it scheduled the reminder as a result.
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Crazy. I thought I knew everything there is about iphones, phone numbers, etc. And I've never heard of it.

Is it possible you or your SO or a stranger used Siri and told it to do that? Or, is it possible that when you missed the call, you pressed a button like "decline call and remind me later"?
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I'm not sure why you would "obviously" block the number unless you block any number you don't know. It seems way more likely that this was a hiccup on your phone's end -- either from you accidentally/unknowingly pressing the remind me button, or by the OS just having a bug -- than it's anything the caller did to you.
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Sorry, it's actually the incoming call screen. It has "remind me" and when you hit that it will give you the option of 1 hour or two other ones.
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Any carrier updates lately? I had something push through a few days ago but I have not yet experienced this phenom.
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Relax, you accidentally pressed "remind me."
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Response by poster: dorque (and others) have it - the phone was in my back pocket and the fabric is thin enough (and the pocket deep enough) that skin contact was made unbeknownst to me.
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