Honolulu indoor play space for toddlers?
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Anyone know any indoor play spaces for toddlers in the Honolulu area?

On holiday with our two year old and grandparents in Waikaki. Neither are dealing so well with heat of the afternoon. I'm aware of the various tourist destinations (museums, aquariums, etc.) but wondering if there are any indoor play spaces in the Honolulu area where our toddler can play with us present for a few hours. The beach is awesome in the morning but after his nap he gets too grouchy in the sun. We have a car so can drive a distance to get to a play space. My googlefu must be weak - all I can find are tourist spots, the children's discovery museum (open mornings only it seems on weekdays), malls, and chucky cheese (no!).....
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Best answer: There is, or was, a "Gymboree" on 11th Avenue, not too far from Waikiki. Not sure if they're still there, since it seems to me that several places like this that I used to know about have closed.

If "outdoor but cool" would work, you could pick up some snacks and drive up to Waahila Ridge State Recreation Area. There are picnic tables and it's generally nice, quiet, and cool (relatively speaking).

The Zoo (also, obviously, not indoors) has a decent play structure that I used to take my kids to all the time. It's shady, and you can relax on the benches while the kid plays.
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Best answer: Yelp has some suggestions:

My Gym

Discovery Center

it's not much, but it's a start.
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Best answer: Not exactly a destination play space, but check out McDonalds, Burger King, etc, to see if they have an indoor play area. Some do.
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Best answer: There's 808 Bounce at both Pearlridge and Windward Malls. From what I gather, it's basically a large area filled with bounce-houses.

I believe there's a charge for admission that provides all-day access, up until the mall closes. Unfortunately, I do not know if there's any policy that prohibits adults from accompanying small toddlers, but that URL has the phone number.
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Best answer: Seconding My Gym and Discovery Center, though be aware of the significant homeless encampments in the areas leading up to the Discvoery Center, a bit sobering while you take your child to an somewhat exclusive indoor play area.

But on a happier note, there's the Waikiki Aquarium for a short indoor tour, most of our Libraries are air conditioned, the main state library is nice, along with a children's reading area.

Windward Mall is a newer indoor mall that has a pretty cool free playground area for the kids, along with an aforementioned for pay 808 Bounce house. (the free playground is more than enough though)

Source: Dad with a 3 year old kid
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Response by poster: We ended up going in the morning to The Children's Discovery Center. Absolutely amazing - far exceeded our expectations, and our toddler loved it. Wish it was open till later on weekdays. If we lived on Oahu we'd definitely get a membership!
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