Best pillow protector for a sweaty head?
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Even in the nicest weather my head can get a little sweaty. Pillow protectors seem to be the answer to keep my sweat from sinking in and stinking up my pillow, but I have yet to find one that strikes a nice balance between comfortable and effectively sweatproof. Sweatheads of the world: have you found one that fits the bill?

Failing that, have you found a method for drying a pillow in a reasonable amount of time after machine washing it? Seems to take forever in the tumble dryer...
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I just double up on pillow protectors in the summer. An extra 2-3 pillow covers in the wash isn't that big a deal.

If you tumble dry it with a dry towel and a tennis ball it will dry faster.
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Actually why don't you just put a thin towel over, that would be a good solution, don't you think?
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I just wash my pillow cases a bit more frequently in the summertime, like every three days versus once a week.

I think I sweat a lot, but honestly, my pillow smells more from my dog. She likes to lay on my pillow after I've gone to work in the morning (my wife wakes up much later than I). Probably that's because the pillow smells like my sweat and she gets to be closer to my wife that way.
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Are you sure this is the route to take? I mean, as opposed to reducing heat? I worry that a less penetrable pillow protector may make things worse.

What kind of pillow do you have? I found that switching out a down pillow for a pillow with synthetic fill helped cool me down. Other materials that are supposed to be cooler than down include latex, wool and buckwheat. Personally, I am considering a wool pillow with a linen pillowcase.
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f you tumble dry it with a dry towel and a tennis ball it will dry faster.

Beware: tennis balls will give off an unwanted 'rubbery" smell. Better to try drying them with a knotted towel or two.
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There are pillow protectors, which can be waterproof, allergen protective type things, and pillow cases. The solution that seems to work best for my (bald) man is to use a pillow protector and then 2 pillow cases on top. Halfway through the week I strip off the top pillow case and voila! fresh pillow once more.

I also tend to use a quick spray of Bac-Out stain and odor remover on all the pillows on the bed when I change the sheets/cases.
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What about a quick dry pillow cover, similar to this:

(A few months ago they had summer versions of these, but they've stopped selling them.)
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