Inspirational articles about what you do and why you do it
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I have been asked to write a 1000 word article for a major trade publication in my artsy area of business. About what I do, why I do it, what we should be doing in this particular artsy area of business, etc. I would love some recommendations of similar articles you may have read to inspire me, give me a bit of a template, or otherwise give me ideas for my own piece. They don't necessarily have to be about anything could be any area of expertise. Thank you!
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Why I Love to Code
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Those magazines in the airplane usually have a spotlight on an employee. I seem to recall the Southwest Airlines one usually has one on an employee at SWA and one on one of their travellers. Might be good to cruise through those online to get a feel for the way they are structured.
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Check your MeFi mail.
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Etsy's "Featured Shop" includes an interview with the artist/crafter discussing what they do. Some are a bit twee (and this is probably smaller-scale than what you're doing) but it might be a starting point for ideas.
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