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I'm in search of a grid it style organizer that can carry two tablets edge to edge. Tablets are an iPad mini and an Asus note 8. Organizer needs to fit in the footprint of a 13 inch macbook air. Tablets also need to be separated so they don't slide in front of or behind one another.
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I think you are unlikely to find a grid-it style organizer that fits precisely the size you need. I took a quick look at the Grid-It selection available online (as I'm sure you have as well), and it looks like either they aren't the right size or they don't have the right configuration of straps to hold the two tablets. If you are wedded to the grid-it style, your best bet might be to try making one that meets your needs.

Incidentally, those two tablets won't fit in the Air footprint edge-to-edge. The Air is 325 x 227 mm, while the tablets together are 367 x 220 mm. It's close, but you've got a little over 1.5 inches of overhang to deal with even if the tablets are touching. An alternative might be to get a laptop sleeve designed for a 13" or 14" laptop and just divide the compartment with a bit of a stitch or something to keep the tablets for sliding. I saw this one while look at the Grid-It site, and it looks like it's roughly the right dimensions.
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There are a ton of tutorials online on how to make your own grid organizer (link just goes to google search so you can find your favorite method) --if you need something sized really specifically to hold something really specific, that's probably going to be the way to go.
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