was ist das lied
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Roommates heard a German pop-ish song on spotify and are looking to find it again. Helfen Sie mir!

•Described as is Rihanna and Robyn had a baby
•Probably started with an H, prooobably had several umlauts or other things not found in English
•Lyrics all in German
•Not too poppy, a little hip-hoppy, maybe (See: Rihanna)
•Typical "instrumentation" as pop, so like all electronically made music as opposed to guitars and drums. (See: Robyn)

Thaaaaanks <3
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Response by poster: Update: Album had blue background, possible with raindrops on it
posted by FirstMateKate at 9:11 AM on August 10, 2014

Not much to go by here, but 2raumwohnung?
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If it's the same Spotify account as the one you heard the song on, click 'Play Queue' on the left hand side of the desktop app, then select 'History' at the top. You should be able to go back through your played songs and find it again.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Happy Dave. Just emailed your answer to my roommate. I'll wait til they get home to check out the song suggestions
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Sooo... did they figure it out? I kind of want to hear it now.
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